Off-season makeover

New improvements to Shwari Watamu

Off-season makeover

Shwari has had an off-season makeover and is looking better than ever. The kitchen has taken on a new look with granite worktops, new fridges, a bar, an ice machine and a new cooker.
Part of the makeover also included a Swahili style cabana by the pool. Guests can now chose to relax in the sun or under the dappled shade of the cabana.

This off-season we have also been busy choosing new artwork for a few of the bedrooms. Local photographer and artist Barry Koenecke has provided us with perfectly suited pictures.

We are also incredibly happy with our new outdoor furniture. This furniture is perfect for lounging in the cabana, on the veranda, looking out to sea or enjoying evening cocktails on.

At Shwari we are always looking to stay ahead of the game to provide our guests with the luxury experience they deserve.

Shwari is open again for the season so please get in touch to book your holiday or event.



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